Community Development

… responding to needs and providing opportunities

The Trust are committed to providing our community with quality experiences and engagement opportunities. Through the Community Development function the Trust aims to be community responsive and demand-led in what it provides and welcomes ideas from the community, to ensure provision remains real and relevant to local needs and interests.


The Linskill engAGE project, launched in 2016, provides opportunities for people 55+ living in the North Tyneside area. To find out more . . . click here.


The Encompass programme provides opportunities for people between 18-80 years and focuses on the key areas of: adult learning, social inclusion, health and wellbeing. To find out more . . . click here. ​

Heritage Projects

The Trust has successfully secured funding for several heritage projects enabling project teams, assisted by volunteers, to capture and promote historical periods throughout the lifespan of Linskill. To find out more . . . click here.


Our volunteers readily give up their time, energy and enthusiasm to support the running of the Linskill Centre and its community activities. Volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, experience and ages and form vital two-way links with the community to keep the Trust informed of needs and developments. To find out more . . . click here.

Just want to say thank you for last night for the celebration of the Linskill Life after School Project. The information boards, booklets, food and the presentations were great and the choir was marvellous. We really enjoyed the evening and congratulations to you and your team you did a fantastic job.


I found the Linskill Life after School’ project very professional, absorbing, informative and entertaining. The choir’s performance was a highlight of a successful evening and delighted you had such a good turnout.


Congratulations to you Kath and all the volunteers for an excellent evening and all the fabulous work they have achieved it all worked like a well-oiled machine, which isn't that easy to achieve, please say a huge well done to everyone involved.