… creating opportunities for people 55+

The engAGE project at Linskill was launched in 2016 to provide opportunities for the older community (55+) to share and learn new skills, keep active and healthy and make new friends. Now in its third year the programme is going from strength to strength with the number of participants increasing and range of activities diversifying.

Take a look at the engAGE programme for more information or to find out what other activities are happening at the centre simply click here.

Most engAGE activities are free of charge, with only small costs being charged for activities where resources are involved, or when taster activities develop into self-run groups.

The programme is determined by the members themselves, via the engAGE Forum and facilitated by the Older Community Worker, who identify and recommend activities for inclusion within the annual programme.

To read the latest engAGE report please click here.

To find out more about the engAGE programme and what is on offer currently or being planned please call 0191 257 8000 or email info@linskill.org.

Just wanted to express again, my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work behind the scenes to make yesterday’s engAGE Christmas event such a success and so enjoyable and memorable.


I recently moved to the area and didn't know anyone or anything but I knew I wanted to write and engAGE has made that happen and it's wonderful.


It's the first time I have travelled alone since recovering from a long term illness which has isolated me considerably.


There was nothing out there for me and I didn't want to be travelling into Newcastle, especially on my own. I wanted to make friends and keep my brain active.