Being more environmentally aware and reducing its carbon footprint were identified as priorities by the Linskill and North Tyneside Community Development Trust, to future-proof its centres and ensure the continued provision of community programmes and activities in North Tyneside.

Last year the Trust secured a £13k grant from the Reach Fund to review the carbon footprint of the Linskill Centre and its satellite sites at Royal Quays and Battle Hill. Maximising efficiencies and minimising energy use were key objectives, whilst making a significant and positive contribution towards the government target of net zero greenhouse gas emission economy by 2050.

Following the review the Trust secured a £34k grant and a reduced loan of £104k, to deliver an array of projects phased over a 3 month period:

  • installation of 400 LED lights
  • installation of 1500m² roof insulation
  • improved heating controls throughout the centre
  • installation of a suspended ceiling in the Burnett Hall.

When the project is completed it is forecast the Linskill Centre’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 57 tons CO₂ per annum and annual energy costs reduced by £13,000, a significant improvement on the carbon footprint of this thriving community hub.

These projects demonstrate the Trust’s commitment to the environment and will ensure an enhanced customer experience for all centre users, with more effective heating and lighting as we approach the winter months. Energy performance is just the start of environmental initiatives by the Trust across its sites, which is actively sourcing funding to deliver plans for tree planting, recycling and electric car points.