The days may be shorter but there is still lots to explore outside, so why not join our Mini Autumn Challenge?

What’s the challenge?

Starting on Monday the 16th of November for 7 days we will email you a prompt to ‘find’ something and photograph it when you are out and about on your walks, cycles, runs etc…

For example on Wednesday 18th November the prompt will be ‘something red’ – maybe your photograph would be a letter box or a poppy or your red trainers!

How many things do I need to find?

There will be 9 different challenges to find in total – one on each weekday and two on Saturday and two on Sunday. A new ‘challenge’ will be sent to you every day via email. You can find it on the day or save a few to find in one day.

How do I send you my Photographs?

You will have up until Sunday 29th November to send in your photos via email to Ideally we would like you to send them all in one email. If you need help with this please ask.

There are still prizes to be won!
Everyone who submits a photo will be entered into a prize draw and the lucky winners will receive a super prize. You do not need to find all the challenges to be entered into the prize draw.

BUT that’s not all…
All the pictures submitted will be used in our first Community Art Installation which will be displayed at both our Centres. We want to use all your individual images (they don’t have to be competition winner worthy) to create one giant image that we can all enjoy! A bit like this one

As we will be using the images as part of an art installation please do not send us images in which people are recognisable.

How do I get involved?
Fill in our short registration form (link below) and you will be emailed your challenge checklist on Monday 16th November – it’s that easy! Remember your new ‘challenge’ will be emailed to you each morning.