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A place to engage…

Linskill is the place to be if you want to meet people, learn a new skill, pursue a hobby or show support for the community.

A place to learn…

Linskill provides an environment for all to learn, from babies to toddlers, youths to parents, corporates to  individuals.

A place to socialise…

Linskill is an open house for all to enjoy,  with friendly staff, cosy café and a range of activities to meet friends and new people.

A place to invest…

Linskill reinvests all proceeds, raised by our commercial activities and donations, into its community activities.

A place to relax…

Linskill is part of the community and provides a safe and informal environment for all, from young to old,  to spend time together.

A place to trust…

Linskill has established a good reputation within the community and stakeholders.

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Being a volunteer – Joanne’s story

Joanne wanted to improve her confidence and chose to volunteer at Café 32 for one day per week.  After six months Joanne found she really enjoyed coming in to Linskill, meeting new people and colleagues whilst building her confidence – to the extent she decided to ask if there was any permanent work available.  Joanne now has a paid job at Café 32, working three days a week, with shift patterns that allow her to maintain a work-life balance.  As a result of volunteering Joanne has become a valued team member at Café 32 and in her own words, “Linskill is a place where you are not judged and I feel so lucky to be working in the centre as it’s a fantastic place and a real asset to the community.”

Being at Linskill – Kath’s story

We’re a small organisation and being a permanent tenant in Linskill means we get the benefit of the ‘front of house’ and ‘back office’ support from the Trust, helping to project a professional image. Cafe 32 is one of the best places to discuss business ideas, the parking is great  and the Tenants Network has put us in touch with a range of other businesses.  It’s such a friendly place to work in, there’s so much support around – it’s been one of the best moves we’ve ever made. Kath, Manager, Remembering the Past

Being part of engAGE – Krys’s story

Krys relocated to North Tyneside two years ago and found relocation in retirement is not easy. New people and new places all required time to adapt and establish roots. The Linskill Centre, especially the engAGE project, was a great discovery due to the variety of social activities. Krys now co-ordinates the creative writing group and has joined the garden volunteers. In Krys’s own words, “At Linskill I found people with heart, and the most welcoming, open-door policy imaginable. To have found such a wonderful resource at the core of a community is beyond measure.” Krys, engAGE

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